Empowering Everyday Athletes: Unveiling 360 Athlete Support

Empowering Everyday Athletes: Unveiling 360 Athlete Support Introduction: Welcome to a multidisciplinary sports science package for all athletes, of any level, whatever the objective. With a goal, podium, or race completion to aim for, we all wish we had access to the same level of support and expertise as elite athletes in professional teams or […]

Exploring Gut Microbiome Testing for Sports Performance and Health.

Gut Microbiome Testing Kit

Introduction: I only encourage clients to pay for services I have tested and believe in. So after linking with Your Gut Map and understanding the robust scientific processes your stool test will go through, I signed up to test it out.  As a Performance Nutritionist, Runner and Mum I always seek to achieve overall wellbeing […]

Dry January

Dry January Sign

Are you doing Dry January? How is it going? Two weeks in and I am sure temptation is strong.  So I thought I would offer you some motivation. This week a client identified how different they had performed on the exact same run on two different occasions. Run 1 – 49 mins, ave HR 169 […]

National Running Show 2024

Hey, fellow running enthusiasts! If you’re passionate about running, nutrition, and everything in between, mark your calendars for an unforgettable weekend at the National Running Show 2024! I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be exhibiting at this epic event, and my excitement is palpable! Excitement point 1; A Weekend of Running Madness: An entire […]

Microbiome Testing

Did you know that Tor Nutrition now offers clients the opportunity to test their microbiome? Do you know what your microbiome is? It is a collection of microbes & genetic material that live in the gut. The weight of your microbiome is actually greater than that of your brain. In fact it is so big, […]

Routes out of Teaching

Routes out of teaching banner

I felt very privileged to be asked to do an interview with Melanie Cotton for her YouTube Channel – Routes Out of Teaching, Episode 23.. The episode has been released today. If you are an ex-teacher, Melanie would love to connect with you and hear your story. Drop her an email at mcotton@routesout.com Melanie was […]

BDA Sports Nutrition Specialist Group – Study Day, 2023

Sports nutrition is a fairly new yet fast moving and dynamic field. It continually evolves as new research and innovative technologies reshapes understanding and application of how nutrition affects health and athletic performance. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a Study Day titled – SPRINT: Advancing Sports Nutrition Through Innovation and Technology. Numerous experts […]

Tor Wellbeing – October Challenge

Amanda- winner of Tor Wellbeing October Challenge

The Tor Wellbeing October Challenge has sadly come to an end. The competition became quite intense, but was really fun and everyone was engaged. in the end it was an incredibly tight contest. I had no idea the group members would be this competitive! But the winner is…Amanda Anderson-Holton. Amanda has been a real asset […]

Science for Endurance Sports Seminars

Science for Endurance Sports Seminar Line Up

Endurance sports are more than just physical challenges; they’re a perfect blend of science and athleticism. Athletes are constantly seeking ways to enhance their performance, and one of the most effective ways to do that is by delving into the science behind it. On Thursday 2nd November, 7-9.30pm the team at M20 Health will be […]

Embracing Wellness Together: The Transformative Power of the Tor Wellbeing Group

Home Made Granola

Do you ensure the family and animals eat well, have appropriate activity, rest and relaxation and encourage good sleep habits? Do you look after yourself the same way? In your fast-paced and demanding life, prioritizing your wellbeing can be a challenging task. However, the journey to a healthier, happier life doesn’t have to be a […]