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Why work with a Sports Nutritionist?

Working with Tor Nutrition can help you;

  • Optimise performance and health.
  • Develop strategies that fit around your lifestyle, training and competition needs.
  • Make informed and healthy choices that are optimal for you.
  • Make informed choices regarding dietary changes and supplements.
  • Recover and prepare for events and training to contribute to peak performance.
  • Support immune health and injury prevention / rehabilitation.
  • Improve focus, energy and attention.
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Vicky McKinnon

Sport and Exercise Nutritionist

Nutritionist, Vicky McKinnon

Vicky holds a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Leeds Beckett University and is listed on the SENr (Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register). She has gained experience working with endurance athletes, team players, and recreational athletes aiming to improve performance and lose weight.

Her goal is to assist individuals in making the right nutritional choices for their health, lifestyle, and objectives. By analysing their current diets and daily requirements, Vicky offers suggestions to ensure a match between intake and expenditure. Collaborating with her, clients develop the knowledge and skills needed to implement appropriate nutritional strategies, enhancing training and competitive performance as well as health.

Throughout her life, Vicky has been actively involved in sports and had an 18-year career as a PE teacher before making a transition to Personal Training, and coaching in running and triathlon.

Having retrained as a Sports Nutritionist, Vicky now aims to fulfil her passion for helping others meet their goals through health, nutrition, sport, and exercise.


  • MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition
  • MSc Science of Sports Coaching
  • BSc (Hons) QTS Phyical Education with Education
  • ISAK Level 1
  • Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Management
  • Level 3 Triathlon Coach
  • Level 3 Endurance Running Coach
  • Level 2 Athlete Lifestyle Advisor