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Our Services

Optimising Performance Through Nutritional Excellence

Empowering athletes with tailored nutrition strategies to enhance recovery, boost energy levels, and maximise performance.

Dietary Review

90 min consultation to review energy expenditure and dietary intake. Short follow up email with notes, relevant infographic and recipe booklet.

Dietary Analysis

Initial questionnaire to establish key facts. 1 hour Consultation. Dietary analysis, report and relevant resources. 2 x 45min consultation with follow up email, resources and recipe booklet.

Nutrition support package

As dietary analysis + 2 meetings (45mins) / month with follow up email and relevant resources.

Additional Services

Meal planning
Body composition testing
RMR testing
Microbiome testing
Event package.


Why choose us

At Tor Nutrition we tailor dietary plans to your specific needs, optimising performance, speeding recovery, and enhancing overall health. Key benefits include:

About Us

Your wellbeing is our mission

At Tor Nutrition, we’re dedicated to merging optimal health with peak performance. Our founder, Vicky McKinnon, brings Master Degree level expertise in Sport and Exercise Nutrition to the forefront of our philosophy. As a certified member of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr), her approach is all about evidence-based, individualised nutrition strategies.

Our goal is to empower your athletic journey, enhancing performance and fostering recovery, ensuring that your well-being is always at the heart of our mission.

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