I only encourage clients to pay for services I have tested and believe in. So after linking with Your Gut Map and understanding the robust scientific processes your stool test will go through, I signed up to test it out.  As a Performance Nutritionist, Runner and Mum I always seek to achieve overall wellbeing as well as peak physical performance. I also help clients pursue these aims and constantly seek innovative ways to gain a competitive edge and optimise health. One groundbreaking frontier that has emerged in recent years is the study of the gut microbiome and its profound impact on sports performance and health. The trillions of microorganisms residing in our digestive system play a pivotal role in influencing various physiological functions and testing results are revolutionising the way we approach fitness and wellness.

Gut Microbiome Testing Kit

The Gut Microbiome Testing Process:

The process could not be simpler. Once signed up and paid, a kit arrives through the letter box. A very easy and clean process is followed to collect the stool sample which is then sent to the lab using the packaging provided. Around three weeks after the sample has been received by the lab, you receive an AI generated report and an opportunity to discuss the findings. In addition, I provide suggestions to modify your diet based on your results, lifestyle and goals.

Gut Microbiome and Sports Performance:

Nutrient Metabolism:

Inflammation and Recovery:

Immune Function:

Gut Microbiome and General Health:

Mental Well-being:

Weight Management:


Gut microbiome testing is another tool to consider in the quest for improved sports performance and overall health. By delving into the unique microbial landscape within each individual, a more robust and personalised strategy to optimise nutrition, enhance recovery, and fortify the immune system can be devised. Embracing the power of the gut microbiome is not just a scientific breakthrough; it’s a game-changer for those committed to reaching their full potential in sports and life.

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