Did you know that Tor Nutrition now offers clients the opportunity to test their microbiome?

Do you know what your microbiome is?

It is a collection of microbes & genetic material that live in the gut. The weight of your microbiome is actually greater than that of your brain. In fact it is so big, your microbiome is considered an organ. The health of your microbiome has an impact on;

Over time, many people living in Western communities have lost up to 50% of the diversity of their gut microbiome. From birth, your microbiome is significantly impacted by the world around you. Environmental factors and genetics play a role, but dietary changes and nutritional influences account for 50-60% of the factors that alter your microbiome. A lack of diversity can contribute to;

Ingesting foods that increase or decrease certain bacteria can end up wreaking havoc, resulting in imbalance and manifesting into dysfunction. Knowledge of how foods behave relative to microorganisms, enables the ability to provide personalised dietary recommendations to enable balance within your microbiome and optimal overall health. 

A healthy microbiome: 

The Process

I have recently completed the process and here are my thoughts.

Easy and simple to do.

Kit arrived within a day.

Obtaining the sample was really simple and more importantly clean and hygienic. It took 2 minutes and was enclosed in the pre-paid package provided and put in the post.

The report is a really comprehensive document that details metabolic age and microbiome diversity. An interesting read with actionable advice on what foods to avoid and increase in the diet.

The Report

The information you will receive in the report does not represent any type of diagnosis. It offers a detailed look into the level of balance, or imbalance, within your gut. This information is used to provide a personalised nutrition guide to renew and balance your microbiome. 

You will receive personalised information relating to you;

Following on from this will be a list of foods that are the most suitable and specific foods for your needs, along with their scores. The scores are interpreted as follows: 

Eat less of the nutrients that are scored between 0 and 3 

Eat nutrients that are scored between 4 and 7 for a balanced and varied diet 

Enrich your diet with the nutrients that are scored between 8 and 10 

Please note – the foods listed within the report are for your microbiome. The list does not take into account allergies, intolerances or personal references. Sample foods for each category are provided along with a large list of foods from a range of different food groups.

If you would like to know more about the process, please get in touch to organise a discovery call – tornutrition@gmail.com

Gut Microbiome Test – RRP £300 – OR why not treat yourself or a loved one this Christmas with a gift card and £50 discount? Email tornutrition@gmail.com for more information.