Empowering Everyday Athletes: Unveiling 360 Athlete Support


Welcome to a multidisciplinary sports science package for all athletes, of any level, whatever the objective. With a goal, podium, or race completion to aim for, we all wish we had access to the same level of support and expertise as elite athletes in professional teams or representing as internationals.

Well, now you can access a multidisciplinary team dedicated to empowering you to pursue your athletic goals whilst supporting your lifestyle. No matter what your starting point is, we will provide unparalleled expertise and guidance with our unique initiative.

Recognizing the unique needs of everyday sports performers, 360 Athlete Support emerges as a groundbreaking package, offering elite support across key dimensions—Nutrition, Sport Psychology, Exercise Physiology, and Biomechanics. 


A ‘traditional’ approach is typically coach-led, with some occasional, isolated support from wider practitioners.  There is growing research and support for a more ‘athlete-centred’ approach and avoidance of ‘silo-working.’ Pulling together experience, knowledge, and communication across several sports science backgrounds will help give you;


Meet the team

With over 50 years of experience and over 10 degrees between them, the team are well educated, experienced and passionate about health, sport, their area of expertise and supporting athletes.

Adam Naylor

Adam Naylor

PhD Sports Physiology & Exercise

Exercise Physiology:

The aims of the Exercise Physiology pillar are

  • Optimise your fitness and adaptations.
  • Understand your body’s responses to training.
  • Prepare your body ‘systems’ for performance.

Physiology support process
Test – analysis – plan – train – monitor
Through understanding your exercising body –

  • Your fitness strengths,
  • Your fitness needs,
  • Your body’s responses and adaptations to training,

As well as –

  • Your current approach to training,
  • Your goal,

A bespoke plan can be developed, integrated and evaluated to support your individual requirements. 

Event preparation involves analysing demands, environment and optimisation of fitness. The Physiology support ensures that individuals receive the guidance needed to optimise their training and reach new levels of athletic performance.

Marie Cartwright

marie Cartwright

MSc Sports Performance Psychology

Sport Psychology:

The mental aspect of sports is often underestimated, but plays a pivotal role in an athlete’s overall well-being and success. 360 Athlete Support acknowledges the significance of Sport Psychology in achieving optimal performance. Whether it’s overcoming performance anxiety or setting and achieving mental goals, 360 Athlete Support is committed to nurturing the mental resilience required to excel in the competitive arena.
The Sport Psychology pillar aims to support you in your journey to achieve your performance outcome by:

  1. Working on mental skills strategies and mechanisms to help you attain your goal.
  2. Stress management on distractions or events that may generate anxiety or throw off your schedule and detract you from your goal.
  3. Coping strategies to thrive despite setbacks, eg. in the unfortunate event of injuries and being sidelined from training and building resilience and maintaining motivation.
  4. Identifying potential stressors at an early stage in order to promote planning and preparation and avoid burnout or anxiety.
  5. Work on effects such as performance under pressure, attentional focus and confidence.


The How:

  1. Getting to know you, your lifestyle and your environment
  2. Goal-setting session
  3. Follow-ups tailored on specific needs

The Why:

  1. Drawing on my knowledge of the MDT to help achieve the common outcome for the patient/ athlete.
Ryan Gordon

Ryan Gordon

MSc Sports Biomechanics & Strength Training


Efficiency of movement is key to preventing injuries and optimising performance. The aims of the Biomechanics pillar of the 360 Athlete Support Package are;

  • Optimise your performance and adaptations.
  • Understand your body’s weaknesses and turn them into strengths.
  • Prepare to become a more efficient athlete.

Utilising cutting-edge technology to identify, analyse and refine an athlete’s movement patterns will minimise inefficiencies and can enhance overall performance while minimising the risk of injuries. There will be focus on the following areas;

  • Stability: Controlling Motion under load, safely and progressively.
  • Mobility: Move freely without restrictions, let your joints help, not prevent.
  • Strength: Load & Capacity tests. Absorb and produce force, again, and again, and again…… and again…… and again!
  • Power / Reactive Strength: Waste less, want more

This personalised approach to biomechanics sets 360 Athlete Support apart. It offers athletes the opportunity to fine-tune their techniques for optimal results.

Vicky McKinnon

Vicky McKinnon

MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Nutrition Support:

Fueling the body with the right nutrients is paramount for any athlete’s success. 360 Athlete Support Team recognizes this fundamental aspect and aims to enhance your health and optimise your performance. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a seasoned competitor, understanding the intricacies of your nutritional requirements can make a significant difference in your performance as well as your overall health.

The Nutrition pillar at 360 has the following aims;

  • Health
  • Performance
  • Event preparation

With the WHO attributing ⅔ of all disease to diet and lifestyle and 1,043,965 days each week lost to sickness due to cold and flu, nutrition should be a key consideration in an athlete’s plan.  Dietary analysis, personalised consultations, and ongoing, event-specific support, are used to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and tools to optimise nutrition for peak performance.


Have you ever considered how much you spend per year participating in your favourite sport? A very quick account of a triathlete’s ongoing annual costs is shown in the diagram attached. Note that these figures do not include;

  • Gym membership
  • Additional NGB membership (EA)
  • Additional training costs – Open water swimming, pool use, yoga/pilates sessions
  • Physio/massage
  • Large expenses – new bike/race wheels, etc

The 360 Athlete Support Package aims to educate and empower you to make appropriate choices in terms of nutrition purchases, gear, and kit. In addition, you will develop the skills and tools to support yourself in achieving goals in future years, making this an investment into your future performances and health.


360 Athlete Support stands as a beacon for everyday athletes seeking elite-level guidance in their athletic pursuits. By integrating Nutrition support, Sport Psychology, Exercise Physiology, and Biomechanics, this comprehensive initiative is reshaping the landscape of athletic development. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned competitor, 360 Athlete Support is committed to providing the tools and expertise needed to unlock your full athletic potential. Embrace the journey to peak performance with 360 Athlete Support – where excellence knows no bounds.