Empowering Everyday Athletes: Unveiling 360 Athlete Support

Empowering Everyday Athletes: Unveiling 360 Athlete Support Introduction: Welcome to a multidisciplinary sports science package for all athletes, of any level, whatever the objective. With a goal, podium, or race completion to aim for, we all wish we had access to the same level of support and expertise as elite athletes in professional teams or […]

Microbiome Testing

Did you know that Tor Nutrition now offers clients the opportunity to test their microbiome? Do you know what your microbiome is? It is a collection of microbes & genetic material that live in the gut. The weight of your microbiome is actually greater than that of your brain. In fact it is so big, […]

Embracing Wellness Together: The Transformative Power of the Tor Wellbeing Group

Home Made Granola

Do you ensure the family and animals eat well, have appropriate activity, rest and relaxation and encourage good sleep habits? Do you look after yourself the same way? In your fast-paced and demanding life, prioritizing your wellbeing can be a challenging task. However, the journey to a healthier, happier life doesn’t have to be a […]

August News

I have had a brilliant Summer and been on some great holidays with my two children. We have explored a few different areas in the UK and I have had an opportunity to relax and recharge ready for September, which I am super excited about. Along with the usual services available at Tor Nutrition I […]

Collaboration with M20 Health

M20 Health and Tor Nutrition Collaboration

I am very happy to share that I have linked up with M20 health. M20 Health are sports, injury, health and wellbeing experts. They offer a massive range of services including physiotherapy, massage, strength & conditioning, gait analysis and bike fitting, endurance coaching, womens health physiotherapy and physiological testing. The collaboration will increase the range […]