I have had a brilliant Summer and been on some great holidays with my two children. We have explored a few different areas in the UK and I have had an opportunity to relax and recharge ready for September, which I am super excited about.

Along with the usual services available at Tor Nutrition I am really looking forward to the start of the Tor Wellbeing Group on 11th September.

Do you struggle when it comes to healthy eating ideas?

Want to make those fad diets a thing of the past?

Should I do intermittent fasting / fasted training?

How much protein should I be eating?

Do I need to take supplements / which are the best supplements?

Imagine a space where you can connect with fellow members, exchange valuable tips, and inspire one another on your wellness journey. When you put your wellbeing at the centre of your life, your mood, confidence, productivity and performance all improve. Your stress goes down, your mind is much clearer and your joy and energy levels increase.

By joining Tor Wellbeing, you are not just signing up for a programme, you are becoming part of a wonderful community which encourages, supports, and helps you achieve your goals. Group members will have access to live online education and Q&A sessions every fortnight, giving you the chance to ask your burning questions. And if you can’t make it, don’t worry! All sessions will be recorded and sent to members, so you don’t miss out! There will also be informative blogs, recipes and individual guidance on habits to help you reach your health goal.

My standard ‘Tor Wellbeing’ programme will help you achieve your health and nutrition goals or opt for the exclusive premium programme, which includes additional benefits such as 2x Pilates online sessions and monthly 121s.

To find out more and book into the group visit https://www.tornutrition.co.uk/plans-pricing