When preparing for an event such as a cycle sportive you will want to ask yourself the following questions; No matter what your outcome goal, during the training and completion of the sportive you will want to; INDIVIDUALISED PLAN An individualised nutrition plan can help you achieve all of these goals. Generic themes are listed […]

Routes out of Teaching

Routes out of teaching banner

I felt very privileged to be asked to do an interview with Melanie Cotton for her YouTube Channel – Routes Out of Teaching, Episode 23.. The episode has been released today. If you are an ex-teacher, Melanie would love to connect with you and hear your story. Drop her an email at Melanie was […]

Embracing Wellness Together: The Transformative Power of the Tor Wellbeing Group

Home Made Granola

Do you ensure the family and animals eat well, have appropriate activity, rest and relaxation and encourage good sleep habits? Do you look after yourself the same way? In your fast-paced and demanding life, prioritizing your wellbeing can be a challenging task. However, the journey to a healthier, happier life doesn’t have to be a […]

Chat GPT v Sports Nutritionist

Late to the party as usual, but I have been experimenting with Chat GPT. I have been enjoying myself asking different questions and been amazed at how quickly responses are produced. There are definitely benefits to be had such as getting inspiration, a starting point and a point of view. However, it is also a […]

August News

I have had a brilliant Summer and been on some great holidays with my two children. We have explored a few different areas in the UK and I have had an opportunity to relax and recharge ready for September, which I am super excited about. Along with the usual services available at Tor Nutrition I […]

Milk and Alternatives

Milk Nutrition

I have been asked a few times about the difference in protein and calcium content of cows milk and milk alternatives. Back in the day – there was just milk. Now we have skimmed, semi, whole, 1%, oat, soya, almond, the list just goes on. But how do they compare? Not being able to answer […]

Carbohydrate Content

Are you a gluten free athlete? Have you ever wondered how much carbohydrate there actually is in gluten free products and how this compares to the ‘regular’ version? I was asked this very question on a Q&A session and I had to say ‘I don’t know!’ ‘But, I will find out.’ So I did the […]