Late to the party as usual, but I have been experimenting with Chat GPT. I have been enjoying myself asking different questions and been amazed at how quickly responses are produced. There are definitely benefits to be had such as getting inspiration, a starting point and a point of view. However, it is also a bit worrying how the information could be used and how lazy we could become. Plus, there is also the concern that AI could make many jobs redundant.

Considering this point, I decided to do an experiment to see what Chat GPT would recommend to me with regard to energy intake, and compare this to the advice I would give myself.

1) Resting metabolic rate (RMR).

This is how many calories your body burns whilst at rest. Chat GPT told me to use an online calculator to determine this figure. It came out with 1125 kcal based on my gender, height and weight. When working with clients, I calculate RMR using the Schofield equation, which predicted for me 1278 kcal. So far not too different. However, I have actually had my RMR tested and the accurate figure for me is 1710 Kcal.

2) Additional calories.

Chat GPT then suggested to add 200-400 Kcal to compensate for moderate exercise. This would give me a total recommended energy intake to maintain weight of 1425 Kcal.

Using my methods, I would be recommending an energy intake of 2044 Kcal for moderate exercise for myself as a client. This figure may actually be too low, based on the very high RMR.

3) Weight loss.

According to Chat GPT, if I wanted to lose weight, I should aim to consume 500-1000 Kcal less than required. This would take my total to 925 – 425 Kcal / day. This figure is significantly below my RMR. In comparison I would recommend a deficit of 300-500Kcal which would be a recommendation of around 1600 Kcal.

I have really enjoyed playing with Chat GPT and it has provided me with much inspiration. However, you really cannot beat the personal, individualised approach. Education, experience and relationships all contribute to the provision of bespoke nutritional advice. In addition, through working with a Sports Nutritionist you can gain an understanding which will enable you to adapt your plan as lifestyle, conditions, training, fitness and goals dictate.

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