September News

Tor Nutrition Seminar

Tor Wellbeing The new Tor Wellbeing started this month. With a focus on using diet and nutrition to support improving health and lifestyle there has been specific attention paid to weight loss. So far we have had 2 virtual meetings, shared 3 recipes and an informative email. There is a whatsapp group and 1-2-1s to […]

August News

I have had a brilliant Summer and been on some great holidays with my two children. We have explored a few different areas in the UK and I have had an opportunity to relax and recharge ready for September, which I am super excited about. Along with the usual services available at Tor Nutrition I […]

July News

Spicy Chicken Wrap

As I am sure you are aware, I have linked with M20 Health, a sports performance business based at The Northern Tennis Club, Manchester. M20 Health offer services in injury rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, gait analysis and bike fit, female specific services and performance testing. I am therefore able to offer Tor Nutrition clients additional […]

Collaboration with M20 Health

M20 Health and Tor Nutrition Collaboration

I am very happy to share that I have linked up with M20 health. M20 Health are sports, injury, health and wellbeing experts. They offer a massive range of services including physiotherapy, massage, strength & conditioning, gait analysis and bike fitting, endurance coaching, womens health physiotherapy and physiological testing. The collaboration will increase the range […]

Milk and Alternatives

Milk Nutrition

I have been asked a few times about the difference in protein and calcium content of cows milk and milk alternatives. Back in the day – there was just milk. Now we have skimmed, semi, whole, 1%, oat, soya, almond, the list just goes on. But how do they compare? Not being able to answer […]