When preparing for an event such as a cycle sportive you will want to ask yourself the following questions; No matter what your outcome goal, during the training and completion of the sportive you will want to; INDIVIDUALISED PLAN An individualised nutrition plan can help you achieve all of these goals. Generic themes are listed […]

Dry January

Dry January Sign

Are you doing Dry January? How is it going? Two weeks in and I am sure temptation is strong.  So I thought I would offer you some motivation. This week a client identified how different they had performed on the exact same run on two different occasions. Run 1 – 49 mins, ave HR 169 […]

National Running Show 2024

Hey, fellow running enthusiasts! If you’re passionate about running, nutrition, and everything in between, mark your calendars for an unforgettable weekend at the National Running Show 2024! I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be exhibiting at this epic event, and my excitement is palpable! Excitement point 1; A Weekend of Running Madness: An entire […]

September News

Tor Nutrition Seminar

Tor Wellbeing The new Tor Wellbeing started this month. With a focus on using diet and nutrition to support improving health and lifestyle there has been specific attention paid to weight loss. So far we have had 2 virtual meetings, shared 3 recipes and an informative email. There is a whatsapp group and 1-2-1s to […]